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Seelye Acquisitions, Inc. - Your Leader In the Thermoplastic Industry for Over 60 Years

Seelye Acquisitions, Inc. is the parent company to Seelye, Inc., DJ Plastics and Tefen Products USA. Since moving from Bloomington, MN almost 20 years ago to Central Florida, Seelye Acquisitions, Inc. has become a national, as well as an international leader, in the thermoplastic industry.

Seelye, Inc. is one of the original manufacturers of thermoplastic welders. For over 60 years, Seelye, Inc. has provided superior craftsmanship, user friendly, and economical thermoplastic welders. We are proud of our welders and are constantly updating them to meet our customers' ever changing needs. 

Shortly after moving to the south, we became keenly aware of the needs of our customers in tropical climates. We made minor changes in the manufacture of our thermoplastic welders and the storage of some of the pieces and parts, ie. the heating elements. These changes have helped with the longevity of our equipment. 

In 2001, we introduced our production welders the FC Series. These state-of-the-art welders offer users additional control and ease of use, along with the safety features that have become a Seelye trademark.

Recently, Seelye introduced the high heat production portawelder kit, the 1197CHP. This welder, like our 1197CH, can weld most high temperature thermoplastics, ie. UHMW, PVDF, Styrene, etc. The new benefit of the 1197CHP is that now it is portable, the customer only needs to supply a 110 volt electrical outlet. 

Of course, Seelye's original welders series, the Model 63 Series, continues to be our work-horse welders. These welders are user friendly, reliable and have proven to handle anything from small repair jobs to production runs.

DJ Plastics custom fabricates any size, shape or type of plastic water or chemical tank the customer needs. When DJ Plastics opened in the Central Florida area we found we filled a need that had been unfulfilled for years. Most of our customers' were not aware that it was possible to build tanks to fit their space requirements. Most were having to spend extra money to adapt their space to fit pre-made tanks. We are able to work from customer supplied prints or help create one. Each tank is custom cut and fitted to the exact specifications of our customers' requirements. Once built, all tanks we fabricate are put through a 24 hour water test to ensure that each tank has been securely built.

Some of our customers' do require rotomolded tanks or FRP Tanks and DJ Plastics is happy to assist in supplying those tanks. We have a vast assortment of standard tanks available. Whether our customers are looking for a 5 gallon tank or a 10,000 gallon tank, we are here to help supply the right tank for our customers' needs.

Tefen Products USA is proud to be the exclusive US representative of Tefen Tech fittings. We warehouse a vast inventory of water and air fittings for the irrigation, agricultural and pneumatic industries. Our fittings come in both British Standard sizes ranging from 4 MM to 20 MM and NPT sizes ranging from 1/8" to 3/4". Tefen's line includes Barb Block Fittings, Agriculture Tube Fittings, Industrial Pipe Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Quick Disconnect fittings and plugs, Air and Water Blow Guns, Spraying and Fogging Nozzles and Tubing. Our fittings are made out of either Fibergalss Reinforced Polypropylene, Acetal, Nylon 6/6, and Polypropylene. PVDF is available upon request for most of Tefen's fittings. 

As always, the divisions of Seelye Acquisitions, Inc. will continue to provide exceptional products to help meet our customers' needs and continue to investigate new markets to expand in our industry. 

We offer a thermoplastic welding training course. Contact us directly for more information.